SolydXK is a community effort. In this page I'd like to introduce the people who contribute an enormous amount of time and effort to SolydXK: the SolydXK team members.


Frank (grizzler) <>
Security manager, tester, CE ISO maintainer.

After more than thirty years with a large semi-governmental organisation, mainly in Application Management for our state pension payment system, I'm now working (more or less) as a freelancer. I've been using Linux for (almost) all my computing needs since 2008, but I've played with it off and on since the turn of the century.



Inken (ilu) <>

I started experimenting with Linux around 1995 but it took me until 2013 to finally leave the MS world behind. Linux now has reached a point where it is not only on par with MS Windows but better. My main focus in supporting open software is freedom. I'm deeply concerned that our society casually trades the freedom we still have for convenience and false security. People have fought to achieve that freedom and we must continue to dedicate time and effort to keep it. That's why I try to encourage and help people to leave constraints and complacency and embrace the openness and freedom that is Linux.