We are always looking for mirrors to mirror our ISOs (~4G) and our repository (~2G). If you have the space and bandwidth, you can synchronize with our ISOs and repository. When you have mirrored ISOs or repositories or plan to do so, please send us an e-mail with the URLs.

This is a small tutorial on how to mirror our repository and our ISOs.
Change “/path_to_solydxk_files” to the path where you want to save the bash file.

  1. Create a bash file
    Create a bash file /path_to_bash/solydxk.sh, and paste the following lines:
    rsync -avz --delete solydxk.com::repository/ /path_to_solydxk_files/repository/
    rsync -avz --delete solydxk.com::downloads/ /path_to_solydxk_files/downloads/
    If you only want to mirror the ISOs, you just need to add the last line (downloads) to your bash file.

  2. Make it executable
    chmod +x /path_to_bash/solydxk.sh
  3. Open the crontab configuration
    crontab -e
  4. Add the cron job
    Paste the following text (fill in your e-mail address and change the path to the bash file):
    # Mirror SolydXK
    @hourly /usr/local/bin/setlock -n /tmp/cronlock.012345 /path_to_bash/solydxk.sh

Make sure you have daemontools installed.
Within an hour the cron job should run the bash file.

Note: the number on the cronlock file is just something to make the file unique: more cronjobs can run at the same moment. This makes sure this particular cron job can just run one at the time.

A current list of our mirrors can be downloaded here: