SolydXK Community

This is the community site of SolydXK. SolydXK is an open source operating system for small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and home users.

In 2013, Arjen Balfoort founded SolydXK to set up an operating system, together with the community, which aims to create a working environment for companies and home users. Stability, data security, privacy, self-direction and freedom of personal choice are the foundations on which SolydXK is built.




SolydXK is based on the Debian distribution. Debian's and SolydXK's entire process of development, testing and production was set up to create a stable working environment. Software packages that undermine this stability are not allowed in the repository. This way you can be sure that all software available in the repository can safely be installed.

Each stable release has a period of about two years until the next stable release is released and every release is being supported for five years. In this stable period the updates are limited to security updates. Stability and reliability are the priority and not the latest features.




All Linux distributions are inherently safe. Only those with administrator privileges can install software, change system configuration and create users. Every user has his own, protected part of the system in which work is done. SolydXK is no exception.

As long as you install software from the provided repositories, you do not have to worry about unauthorized matters happening to your system. All software was tested by a worldwide team of developers before it was added to the repositories.

If you want to protect your data, you can do that with the tools provided by SolydXK. During the installation you can choose to encrypt your home partition and you can even encrypt a USB flash drive for your sensitive data.




Privacy is very important to SolydXK and the community and we pay a great deal of attention to it. How can we improve on-line privacy without having to compromise user-friendliness? This line is not always clear and thus privacy and how to implement it remains a dynamic discussion.

SolydXK has configured the default browser, Firefox, to make it harder for sites to take your data. All these measures do not exclude common sense but they help you to use the internet responsibly.




Using SolydXK brings freedom. SolydXK is licensed under an open source license. This means that you are free to use the operating system for whatever you want, that you have free access to the source code and can adjust it to your liking and are free to copy this source code with or without changes.

In short, SolydXK is made by the users, for the users.

Once you have chosen SolydXK, you are not dependent on SolydXK. SolydXK is based on the source code of Debian, a Linux operating system that has existed since 1993.
SolydXK has already set a number of security and privacy preferences for you. However, if you ever want to change these, you can easily fall back on Debian or another distribution.