Current version: 201506

SolydK is a Debian based distribution with the KDE desktop. This is the big brother of the two and has all the bells and whistles.

After burning the ISO to USB or DVD, you can try SolydK live before you decide to install.

SolydK does not need to be reinstalled each time an update is released. You don’t have to reinstall, ever!
The update manager sits in your system tray and signals you whenever there is an update available.


You can download the ISO by torrent, directly from our server, or mirrors. After the download, verify that the md5sum corresponds with the md5sum shown in the right pane.

Thank you for using SolydXK.
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SolydK 64-bit (1.6G)

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SolydK has all the programs you need to get productive right away. These are some highlights of the programs that come pre-installed with SolydK.

Internet and E-mail

Firefox is a very well-known and used browser to safely browse the internet.
Thunderbird is your default e-mail client and both Firefox and Thunderbird can be easily extended with free downloadable add-ons.


The LibreOffice suite contains all you need.
You can open and edit your MS Office documents as well as any open standard document.

These are some of the programs of LibreOffice:

  • A Word processor: Writer,
  • a Spreadsheet: Calc,
  • and for presentations: Impress.

If you still need MS Office you can see a tutorial here to show you how easy it is to install your copy on SolydK.


VLC is a media player that can play almost any music or video file, and you don’t need to install any additional codecs either.
Amarok lets you play and organize your vast music collection.

Now go and grab the latest SolydK and try it out!

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